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How MOONSHOT ENERGY will conquer the power drink market in Austin, TX.

MOONSHOT Energy make use of a couple,000+bottle capacity reefer (refrigerated) truck wrapped with MOONSHOT Premium Craft Energy Drink branding. The 2 principal owners together with employees will distribute up to 500-1,000 bottles per spot to shoppers entering and out of Austin Texas stores. MOON SHOT is definitely an eminently drinkable energy drink and is intended to be enjoyed, so shoppers could be asked to take one home and drink it inside their leisure. There exists you should not rush and gulp down a MOONSHOT in the parking lot as you might with typical odd tasting energy drinks. With a "caffeine drinker", MOONSHOT is a simple sell. It's a true craft energy drink in a non-craft price. The caliber of MOONSHOT's ingredients is undeniable to anybody who has received the opportunity to compare it's taste to competing artificial canned energy drinks. Cheap in equals cheap out. Quality in equals quality out. - moonshot energy austin

The 2 principal people who just love MOONSHOT Premium Craft Energy are native Austinites and so are currently in talks with distributors and various bars/restaurants (having just "launched" 2 weeks ago). From the month of March, MOONSHOT are usually in locations all around Austin and perhaps through the entire Texas. Our program's to expand promotions at bars/restaurants inside the same neighborhood of each and every MOON SHOT Energy drink launch and communicate directly with local patrons that the MOONSHOT craft energy drink they're enjoying in their neighborhood bar/restaurant will soon be available in their neighborhood stores. In addition, notifications is going to be created for each store launch on our website and social networking.

Being local, March in Austin = SXSW. Using the reefer truck and our downtown location + some branded pedicabs, we will offer approximately 20,000 bottles of MOONSHOT craft energy drinks up and down Downtown Austin during the 10 days of SXSW. Because of this promotion, each bottle will have a noticeable label/tag stating their availability at select local area stores.

By heavily promoting MOONSHOT energy drinks at SXSW in Austin, we might get more traffic at local suppliers as well as gain a foothold to get a future MOONSHOT rollout nationally. For people, there isn't any better demographic to focus on than 24x7 tweeting energy drink-craving SXSW'ers who often want a natural and premium craft energy substitute for artificial and cheap energy drinks. - moonshot energy austin

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